Why is my credit score important?

  • Most lenders want to make sure you’re able to pay them back before they give you credit so they look at your credit report, as well as other factors, to calculate their own unique credit score. This helps them decide whether or not to accept your credit application.
  • It’s important to check your credit report before you make an application for a credit, to check that everything is correct and up to date.

How can Experian CreditExpert help me get what I want?

  • CreditExpert can show you how to make yourself more attractive to lenders with information from our experts on how to improve your Experian Credit Report and Score – so you can get accepted for the deal you’re looking for.

How do I sign up?

1. Enter a few details

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2. Check your credit report

Check if your credit report is correct and up to date. See your Experian Credit Score and factors affecting it.

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We’re not just a credit score website

  • Call our award winning UK based experts for help & advice about how to improve your Experian credit score.
  • Be alerted of potential fraudulent activity with our identity protection service.
  • Get the support you need from our experts if you become a victim of fraud.