Free credit report from Experian

Get a free credit report with Experian CreditExpert. With a 30-day trial of Experian CreditExpert available for new members, you can check your credit history, make plans for your financial future and have the peace of mind that the information held on you is accurate. If you choose not to cancel your Experian CreditExpert subscription after the 30-day trial a monthly fee of £14.99 applies, which includes unlimited access to your Experian Credit Report online, to check at your convenience.

As the UK's number 1 credit reference agency1, you can be confident of accurate, useful information when you choose the Experian CreditExpert service. Experian CreditExpert has already helped over 5 million people to understand their credit status, giving them the confidence to find the best financial solutions.

What is a credit report?

A credit report is an overview of your borrowing behaviour - a personal history of the credit you've had and the repayments you've made. Lenders use it when making decisions about credit applications. Information shown on a credit report includes:

  •  Electoral roll information
  •  Court judgements
  •  Individual voluntary arrangements
  •  Bankruptcies
  •  Credit accounts
  •  Credit applications
  •  Financial associations

While different lenders have their own criteria, your credit report will help them to decide whether they should lend to you and on what terms. Typically, those with the healthiest looking credit report will be given the best interest rates.

Why get a credit report?

Applying for credit

If you are thinking of applying for credit then you need to know what information is held on your credit report. Having to apply for finance several times in a short time period can leave a negative mark on your report. Having access to the same credit report information as a lender means that you can have an idea of your chances of acceptance before you make an application.

Making a change

Other agencies including potential employers or landlords may also be able to access information held on your credit report, so it’s useful to check it before major life changes, such as applying for new positions or moving house.


Checking your Experian Credit Report can give you the peace of mind that the information held on you is accurate. Identity theft and fraud are growing concerns, so regularly checking your credit history is important. Should you notice any mistakes or suspicious activity on your credit report, you will then be able to rectify them, so that your credit report accurately reflects your financial history to potential lenders and other interested parties.

Moving forward

If you haven’t always made good credit decisions in the past, checking your credit report can be the first step towards a brighter financial future. The mistakes of yesterday don’t have to affect your tomorrow.

Once fully informed you can work on building a healthier credit rating for better borrowing prospects.

1 UK's No.1 Source: CreditExpert is the UK's market leader by share of unique users. Comscore, Sept 2013