Experian CreditExpert affiliate programme

Calling all websites! Make money by joining the Experian CreditExpert affiliate programme. Whether you have a large or small site, your users can benefit from CreditExpert and at the same time generate you revenue. We provide a wide variety of creative, all you need is the traffic.

We will pay you for every 30 day free trial member that you generate, even if they cancel at the end of their trial. Since launching in 2004, we've gained thousands of members through our affiliate programme, with many of our publishers generating serious money every week.

There's a great demand from UK consumers to see their free Experian credit report! Here in the UK we have a great range of partners, from major portals to specialist financial sites. What's more, credit reporting services in the US are proven to be the best affiliate programmes.

PHD acts as the affiliate programme coordinator on behalf of Experian CreditExpert, we would welcome you to contact them via the following email address:


The PHD team will respond to your enquiry and direct you to the appropriate network partner as they work with both Omnicom Affiliate Network and Commission Junction.