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Sample credit report

This sample report explains at-a-glance, the key components of the Experian credit report which is included as part of your CreditExpert membership.


Use the links on the left to navigate the sections of this sample report. Click on the highlighted numbers in the sample report below to get more information.

Account information

Credit account information shows details of your credit agreement with lenders.

Close Info Account information

The term "credit" covers every account that gives you something of value - money, goods or services - that you can use today, on the understanding that you will repay the lender at a later date. That's why you'll find items such as utility and mobile phone accounts here, as well as credit cards, loans and mortgages.

Are all your accounts listed on your credit report?


Close Info Personal information

Every account in your name will affect your credit rating - even if a criminal is impersonating you to borrow money. If you find any accounts you don't recognise, you could be a victim of ID fraud.

Did you set up all the accounts in your name?


Close Info Account type

From catalogue shopping to a loan for furniture, you probably have many different types of credit account.

Do you know how many credit accounts you've taken out?


Close Info Balance information

This entry shows the current balance of each account - the amount you have spent and not yet repaid. You'll also find the date the account was opened.

Are your balances recorded correctly?


Close Info Defaulted payments

Look out for an 8 when checking the account status. It means that a lender has terminated the account because you haven’t made payments and have failed to bring the account back into order. A defaulted account stays on your credit report for six years and is likely to lower your credit rating.

Have you defaulted on your repayments?


Close Info Status history

Are you making your repayments on time and in full? Your status history shows whether you do. You'll find a key that explains the symbols at the end of this section.

Are your repayments up to date?


Close Info Changes to Payment Terms

These entries show you a history of changes to your payment terms.

Are your payment terms changes recorded correctly?


Close Info Credit Limit History

These entries show you a history of credit limit changes.

Are your credit limit changes recorded correctly?


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