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Your Experian Credit Score

  • Experian CreditExpert gives you unlimited access to your Experian Credit Score
  • Lenders may look at information that is displayed on your report when you apply for credit, so your credit score is a great guide to how lenders might assess you
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The UK's most trusted credit monitoring services
(TNS Research, Brand Health Study, January 2014)

Expert Advice

  • Experian CreditExpert gives you hints and tips on how to protect and improve your credit rating, so you have a better chance of being able to get the things you want in life
  • Our experts will give you advice on how to challenge errors in your report, or how to give yourself the best possible chance of being accepted for credit
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Identity Protection

  • Experian CreditExpert use high-tech web-monitoring software that constantly searches the web, social media sites and government registers, which helps to ensure your personal information is only being used in the right way
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